Delicious Chinese Restaurant in Harrison, AR

Always Authentic, Always Fresh

extensive chinese menu in harrison, ar

Looking for authentic Chinese cuisine in Harrison, AR? Choose Grand Fortuna Restaurant for the finest dining experience and the most delicious food. We boast skilled cooks that provide the freshest and most authentic Chinese cuisine in the area. Bring the whole family along for a savory dinner, complete with a casual, friendly environment and superior customer service.


Our extensive menu offers a large selection of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, and vegetable entrees. Tasty additions include fried rice, egg rolls, soups, and shareable appetizers. Indulge in your favorite traditional Chinese dishes off the menu, or eat at our buffet for a taste of everything. The delicious food we provide, when met with our unmatched customer service, makes for a memorable dining experience for the whole family. With an accommodating kitchen staff, a friendly waitstaff, and a professional management, our Chinese restaurant is the best in the area.

For the most authentic Chinese food in Harrison, AR, look no further than Grand Fortuna Restaurant. Dine in with us or opt for a warm carryout meal on those busy days. Experience Chinese cuisine the way it should be: fresh and authentic. Call us today to place a carryout order or make a reservation to dine in.

vegetarian options

For those veggie-lovers, choose from a large selection of vegetable-based dishes. Our garden-fresh vegetables are cooked to perfection and served over a bed of rice or noodles. 

meat dishes

Choose between a chicken, pork, beef, or shrimp entree and enjoy the warm, tender meat in every bite. Our cooks use the finest quality meat, always freshly served.    

delicious sides

Some popular side dishes include wonton soup, egg rolls, and fried dumplings. Choose from our selection and enjoy the perfect addition to all delectable entrees